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Nino's Choice Bundle

The new and official Nino's Choice Bundle is a combination of the New Puppy University Program and the Positive-Only Program, this combo adds in the extras you need to go even further with your puppy, from retrieves to positions, holds, special moves, bitework, and competition routines. And guess what? It's all done positivelywithout the use of any tools!

The syllabus includes and is not limited to the following:

  1. What you need to do and know when getting and selecting a new puppy
  2. Steps to take when the puppy comes home
  3. Crate training
  4. Socialization and environmental conditioning
  5. Equipment Guide
  6. Working with props
  7. Movement and Obedience
  8. Training mistakes and troubleshooting
  9. Heeling Styles for puppies
  10. Drive and focus building and development for puppies
  11. Grip development for puppies
  12. Technical skills
  13. Special Moves
  14. Competition Routines
  15. Positively-done Bitework training
  16. Retrievals
  17. Holds
  18. Positions

And much more...