STSK9 is proud to provide you with high-quality remote learning to help you elevate your dog training and set you on a path to success. Our online courses offer step-by-step information, professional footage, demonstrations, instruction and the tutorials you need. Watch easily from any device, on demand with open access to all course material. Learn comprehensive theories, their application and how to unlock massive potential in your dog while creating an unbreakable bond




Become a certified STSK9 trainer. A COMPLETE TRAINING BLUEPRINT  this program includes coaching, personal feedback and review. If you are ready to MASTER EVERY AREA OF DOG TRAINING, unleash your potential and develop the skills that lead to BETTER FATER AND MORE POWERFUL PERFORMANCES from yourself and your dog then join us in the MVP.



 800+ Lessons/Videos **Plus ongoing additions **, Coaching Call Archive, Live Group Coaching Calls, Interactive coaching feedback, Online Peer Support Community, Assignments & Demo Video, Dog Trainer Certification

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Our SKILLS BASED -TOOLS FREE METHOD is perfect for any handler | From basic obedience, energy management, positions, heeling styles, retrieves, recalls, the out, vocals, and bite work - all covered in one program. Get it now for $399! 

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The NEW PUPPY UNIVERSITY is a world-renowned program that contains a complete BLUEPRINT based on Nino’s Revolutionary System that has already helped thousands ELEVATE their dog training and set them on a path to SUCCESS 

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Puppy University Program

New & improved puppy program with up to 15 modules with training instructions that cover all you need to know & so much more 


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Master View Path Certification Program 

Our full BLUEPRINT based on our revolutionary training approach. A complete learning framework with over 800+ videos including; theory, instruction, coaching insight, demonstration and discussions. PLUS 12 months of access to group coaching calls, assignments, challenges, video reviews and feedback, along with exclusive access to a private MVP peer and coaching community. 



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Positive-Only Program 

An all-in-one program developed for those who want to learn and apply the STSK9 method using purely positive methods.


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Nino's Choice Bundle

Nino's recommendation to start with your training. Nearly 20 hours of instructions to set you up with the best training and results!

Nino's Choice Bundle

Puppy University Program & Positive-Only Program combined at a special offer of $200 OFF


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STSK9 Full Bundle

Puppy University & Positive-Only Program, Heeling Styles, Drive & Focus, The Out & E-Collar University all in one!


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STSK9 Full Bundle

Save hundreds and get all our stand-alone classes in one complete package. Hours of instruction, demonstrations, tips & insights on all the key areas of dog training. The perfect learning package to create a well rounded foundation for success.

Heeling Styles

5 hours of theory and practical instructional tutorials (NEW EDITION)

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Focus & Drive

3 hours + extra folders with video instructions

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The Out

3 hours + extra folders with video instructions

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E-Collar University

5 hours + extra folders with video instructions

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Gain valuable training insight, learn more about movement,  Nino Drowaert, the reasons he founded STSK9 and why he doesn't care about resumes. 

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AMIR & LUKA's Success Story 

Amir started with us online with a 2-year-old German Shepherd at 58 years old.

They fell in love with our system and continued with more classes and sessions.

He then bought Luka, a 5-month-old Belgian Malinois puppy, whom he started training immediately and achieved the results you see in this video in only 7 months!

Age truly does not matter.


BECKY ANNAH's Success Story 

STSK9 Certified Trainer: Becky Annah

Her progress is nothing less than spectacular. Her twelve-month-old shepherd VYKOR in the video below is displaying his awesome talent and skill. Becky is one of the most humble people in the industry and watches her closely catch up with the bigger names in dog training as she just started training working dogs. 

Given her enormous passion and devotion, Becky was also a guest at a few of our webinars. Today Becky continues to support STSK9 with her remarkable results as she trains her dog VYKOR.

She started only by taking Puppy University 1.0 with her first working dog ever Vykor.

Her passion drove her to achieve much more.

She obtained UltimateControl®️ with her proven work and dedication to dog training and to understanding the 5 pillars.

Talent and skill development for both dog and handler through our MVP certification program.

A development plan that takes your skills to a higher level.

SARAH's Success Story 

Sarah started with STSK9 with her troublemaker Jazz, the 5-year-old pitbull who was full of energy and drive.

After being introduced to our methods they were able to achieve an unbreakable bond and remarkable results in their training. 

Our methods are not breed-specific.

Sarah went on to get the daughter of Rocky from us, her first working dog, to continue her journey as a dog trainer.

JOSH's Success Story 

Josh is a very passionate and dedicated dog trainer that was determined to beat the odds of believing pet breeds can't be trained as effectively enough to achieve desired results.

Josh and his Labrador Retriever definitely defied those odds and impressed himself and me with what he was able to do using our system.

PATRICK's Success Story 

Patrick has trained here at STSK9, using our techniques and methodology since his dog was a puppy. He is an IGP competitor daring to go beyond the sequences IGP demands.

He competed in the Belgian IGP championships last year, but it’s not the trophy 🏆 that will last him if he gets it one day.

The fact he told me last week:
“Nino, for the first time in 20 years I am having the most fun ever and smiling while I work my dogs, I found joy again by doing more and being involved, it’s been a joy training with your system.

Patrick started with Puppy University and then decided to continue to the MVP program.

MATT FOLSOM Success Story 

What a journey! Nino met Matt Folsom at an online event for the signature classes Puppy and E-University.

Matt was a training with his German shepherd and used traditional methods. Nothing flashy, nothing that stood out. Matt really liked our STSK9 methodology and returned for more online training sessions

Short after we met in VA, where Nino selected Matt to get one of Nino’s dog, Rocky's puppies. Matt also completed a private camp before leaving with his new puppy.

Nino and Matt stayed in touch for online training sessions. Matt fully emerged into the STSK9 Methodology and has now a staggering 4.000.000 followers on TikTok and plus 100.000 on Instagram.

He is one of the most creative trainers today and we are proud of enabling his talents! 

Becky Annah

"I discovered a change in the way that I look at my training journey, training, dogs, myself, and the industry."

Jason Arsenault

"I left with a clear understanding of Ultimate Control and had a lot of hands-on learning and applying the system."

Cecile Brannon

"The master has spoken. If you ever get a chance to attend one of his seminars, then do it. Extremely knowledgeable and out of the box thinking."

Trust your Talent!

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