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In our professionally crafted Master's program that was built to give you the skills that will change your dog training and your dog’s life. Learn how to train faster, smarter and more efficiently and to draw out the absolute best in any dog. Stop waiting on sidelines. Let's get to it!

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New Age of Dog Training


Traditional dog training is costing you more than your dog's performance. Our evolutionary approach is designed to maximize your skills and capitalize with faster results costing less energy! Pet dog, working dog, sports or hobby dog, our philosophy, proprietary techniques and teachings will teach you to elevate any dog to their full potential.


3 years of production
in 1 program.


We spent 3 years to professionally produce our MVP program featuring +250 hours of video lessons, demos, insight and instructions. All videos are captured with pro cameras and have English subtitles, infographics, and voiceovers. 


Action packed curriculum


A complete learning framework with a refreshing approach and in-depth coverage including insights, demonstrations, discussions, bi-monthly group coaching calls, coaching reviews and personal feedback and exclusive peer and coaching community. The Master View Path covers all aspects of dog training.

What you will achieve

  • A combination of unique handler skills

  • Analytical abilities to solve problems

  • Replicating training results with any dog

  • Talent management for dogs

  • Living and working with a dog in harmony

  • Elevating low-drive dogs to a new level

  • High-level performances

  • Full control of dog's drives and energy levels

  • Long-term vision and comprehension

  • Access to your own and your dog's full potential

  • Fine and gross motor skills

  • Spacial awareness

  • Growth mindset

  • Career opportunities

  • Competitive insights for sports performances 

 What to expect

  • Understand the 'why' and 'how' 

  • Puppy to full adult training process

  • Talent scans for handler and dog(s)

  • Coaching insights

  • Demonstrations & discussions

  • Access to 5 Key Pillars of Dog Training

  • Exclusive and professionally recorded MVP seminar 

  • Super Slow motion breakdowns

  • Bi-monthly group coaching calls

  • Practical assignments 

  • Coaching reviews and personal feedback

  • Exclusive MVP content

  • Private peer community and full support

  • Talent vs Competence analysis

  • Problem solving

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Receive coaching
from Nino


Get feedback on your training 

  • Direct video feedback and personal instructions on your training
  • Receive Nino's video assignments
  • Live Q&A 
  • Private MVP Community for peer support
  • Benefit from Nino's coaching feedback to your classmates

A scientifically 
validated approach.


A labor of love. This modern day approach to dog training was born from a mindful collaboration between Nino and Dr. Debisschop, a distinguished expert in talent assessment.

Leveraging Dr. Debisschop's established scientific approaches for ascessing talent, they crafted a novel technique suited for both dogs and their handlers.

This method has been seamlessly integrated into the STSK9 Master View Path™ framework, providing a unique and advanced training solution that is dedicated to uncovering and nurturing a dog's natural abilities, preserving their integrity and nurturing natural elegance.


Meet our professor

Dr. Marc Debisschop

PhD Mathematician | PhD Drama & Theater | Book Author

Dr. Debisschop, was awarded two scientific validations of his psychometric tool to assess and profile talents. 

Dual certification

Get certified (optional) and validate your skills!

Learn how to create a partnership with your personal dog, develop an outstanding working or demo dog, build your career or, and shine as a professional dog trainer. 

You need a coach, not a trainer.

 Here is Why


"A trainer offers guidance, while a coach influences your whole development journey. They assist in acquiring and utilizing the right skills and in shaping your future vision. My approach fosters analytical thinking, creativity, and a level of confidence unmatched by other dog training programs. Our students stand out in terms of performance and execution!" - Excerpt from the IACP Conference 2022. 


"My dog is older!
Now what?"

Age does not matter.

MVP students Adrienne and Kalok have been using the STSK9 methods with Adrienne's 9-year-old Malinois. They are both enjoying the training, filled with fun and energy.


Build your career.

Create your skillset.  

Matt Folsom (Modern Malinois) refused to apply Grandpa's method and chose our system and dogs (Alrick, Magnus and Alexandra) which led to a massive social media following of more than 6 million people worldwide! 


Having reactivity issues? 

STSK9 is centered on instructing and retraining desired behaviors and responses using skill-based techniques. 

Additionally, the program includes group coaching calls specifically for addressing behavioral queries, and it features an extra module tailored for training reactive dogs.


Your coach.

Nino Drowaert. 
Founder and Head Coach of STSK9

Nino spent 20 years with the APD, serving 11 of those years as a K9 handler and the final 5 as the Head Trainer and Supervisor of the K9 Unit. During his tenure, He achieved a high level of success and set the record for the most K9 deployments in the department. His expertise in training dogs and coaching handlers was recognized, culminating in his appointment as the Nationally Certified Head Trainer for Belgium’s police department, a role that perfectly matched his skills and accomplishments.

Nino is not only a skilled trainer but also a passionate dog sports enthusiast, having competed in NVBK Belgian Ring, known for being one of the toughest sports in the world. His distinctive training system lays a solid foundation for both the handler and canine to excel in any discipline.


Our Team

Laura Jasinskaite

MVP Graduate and STSK9 Trainer

Laura is the perfect example of what it means to start with zero experience, with her pet Golden Retriever at 3 years old. She had a vision, she wanted the elegant heeling with a prance, an engaged dog, and so much more - she got it all now. She took a chance on herself, put in the work, ignored the doubts and discouragement she received, and kept working her way through the program graduating within only SIX months. Now, she is part of the STSK9 staff as a trainer and coach, here to help others do the same.


Becky Annah 

MVP Graduate and Guest Coach

Becky is a great contributor to the MVP program, not only as support to all students but also with her expertise on how to live with a working dog inside your home, dog behavior, aggression, reactivity, and rehabilitation and prevention of dogs with behavioral problems. Becky also adds to the assignments in order to challenge our students for better results and progress.


Emanuela Bruschi

Emanuela is the face of our Skills-Based Tools-Free method.

Nino was instantly inspired by her remarkable results and mesmerized by her adaptation of the STSK9 methods in a positive way to suit herself, her dogs, and her country’s laws, Italy. 

The Positive Only Class is part of your Master View Path Program.


 Special Guest

Christian Fliehser


Multiple world titles in protection sports and an all-time record of 398/400 Mondioring!


Christian shares unique insights on his training and competition routines and how it has proven to be successful year after year. Become a student and start training like a champion today! Exclusive MVP content

It has definitely elevated my view on training.

- Dependable Dog

Lack of experience doesn't matter.

It Actually Works In Your Favor

Laura exemplifies the benefits of beginning dog training with no prior experience. She started with her 3-year-old Golden Retriever, aiming for elegant heeling, an engaged dog, and more. Despite having no background in dog training, she achieved her goals. She committed to the process, overcame doubts and discouragement, and completed the program in just six months. Now, as a trainer and coach with STSK9, Laura is dedicated to helping others achieve similar success.


We did our breakfast session and it was way more fun for the both of us to use the movement instead of statics! Thank you for putting this amazing program together.

Sara Felgueiras

"Does this program help with trials & competition?"

STSK9's training methods are designed to be versatile, allowing application across different areas of dog training.

This flexibility lets you adapt the techniques to your specific objectives, whether it's for dog sports, demo dogs, companion dogs, personal protection, or freestyle routines. A testament to this adaptability is our student Blair, who achieved the title of PSA National Vice Champion using our methods!

The MVP gives me the drive and motivation to continue to learn an elevate my skills, truly inspiring.

- Mario Salazar

The MVP gives me the drive and motivation to continue to learn an elevate my skills, truly inspiring.

- Mario Salazar
  MVP Student

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