From Nino Drowaert, the Founder and Head Trainer of STSK9 


In "Heeling: The Path to Freedom," you are welcomed to a transformative journey in the realm of dog training. This book is not just a discussion of techniques; it's a story of innovation and change, illustrating how we can reimagine and redefine dog training for the better. As you turn its pages, you'll be guided through an understanding of heeling - from the Focus Heel, Protection and Contact Heel to the intricate Street Heeling. You'll discover how these methods do more than command obedience; they build a profound connection and synchronization between you and your dog.


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Nino Drowaert, the brain behind STSK9 (Specialized Training Systems K9), known for shaking things up with his fresh ideas and methods. Starting late in the game, Nino overcame a fear of dogs and ended up falling in love with training them. He spent his early years diving deep into traditional dog training, this fuelled his fire: to change the way we train dogs for the better.

Nino cut his teeth as a police K9 handler, and his knack for it led him to become a National Police K9 trainer and even teach the Military Special Forces. These tough gigs gave him a wealth of insight into what dogs are really capable of. Unhappy with the old "this is how it's always been done" attitude, Nino set out to revamp dog training from the ground up.

He mixed and matched ideas from psychology, behaviorism, and the latest in scientific research on talent development to forge his unique approach. His journey led to a collaboration with Dr. Marc Disebishopp and the creation of their unique dog and handler talent scan. Covid brought about the swift evolution of STSK9 Online University, a place where Nino's groundbreaking methods could reach trainers worldwide.

Under Nino's guidance, STSK9 has become a hotspot for cutting-edge dog training. His techniques focus on developing both the dog and the handler, creating a perfect sync in their movements and intentions. Known for making learning faster and more effective, Nino's methods have gained a lot of attention.

But Nino's not just about training dogs for the field. He's also a mentor and educator, sharing his insights through workshops, seminars, and his book, "Heeling: The Path to Freedom." 

Today, Nino's not just a top trainer but a forward-thinker and leader in the dog training world. His impact is clear in STSK9's success and the many dogs and handlers who've thrived under his guidance. Always on the lookout for new ways to push dog training further, Nino keeps inspiring others to join him on this exciting journey of innovation and transformation.