Founded in 2016 

"After developing a better way to train dogs and their handlers, I knew I needed to share it."

Hello, I am Nino Drowaert


I’ve dedicated nearly two decades to the field of dog training and K9 law enforcement (training and operations). Within my home country, Belgium, and across the globe, I’ve had great opportunities to hone my craft with all kinds of dogs, and have educated thousands of handlers. 

Early in my career, I was  left disappointed with the flawed, traditional methods of dog training. I recognized a dire need for innovation and progressive change.

Determined to find a better way, I developed a unique dog training system that is not only fun and uplifting for both dog and handler, it improves performance and creates extremely cohesive teams. 

My system leverages the dog and handlers’ energy, accelerates skill development and capitalizes on the dog's natural elegance all while preserving the dog's integrity.

My Unique Skill-Based System in the Making  


After many years in the dog training industry, I was left frustrated with the standard traditional methods of dog training.¬†Unlike other industries, the dog world seemed to have stagnated. Innovation in training was non-existent and the phrase ‚Äúwe‚Äôve always done it this way‚ÄĚ was a mantra in sports rings, training schools and law enforcement agencies.¬†The best-performing dog was viewed as having had the best coach/trainer, and with that their training method was accepted as the new standard of excellence without any critical or ethical questioning.

This mentality sent me on a journey to develop a more efficient and effective system. I aimed to create a method that utilized a holistic approach, one that would work with the dog’s natural ability and talents while preserving its true spirit. 

Through innovation and diligence, I crafted and refined techniques to foster the dog’s intense drive and desire to work. Since their evolution, these training methods have also proved to elevate performance. Understanding the uniqueness of talent in both dogs and handlers, I designed training applications that would function to aid in skill development.

Driven to build it better, I searched outside the boundaries of the dog world for experts in the field of learning theory. When I was introduced to Professor Marc Debisschopat, I knew it was a perfect match. Not only was I inspired by his ground-breaking work in talent development, but Marc also shared my passion for working dogs. A collaboration set forth, the result was near magical - the evolution of the dog and handler Talent Scan.

We identified five key pillars of dog training and created a tool that measures the talent both of the dog and the handler. It was (and still is)  the first and only scientifically validated, psychometric tool that can be used for dog trainers! 

By clearly understanding the objective and the talents of the dog and handler, the path to developing the right combination of skills is clear. Success is efficiently found by combining and applying that understanding and using my unique training methods. 

The STSK9 Master View approach is now taught to trainers around the globe. Students of my system often refer to the Master View as the most efficient training system around.

20 Year Veteran of the APD

Nino spent Eleven of those years in the field as a K9 trainer and handler, the next five as the Nationally Certified Head Trainer and supervisor of the K9 Unit for Belgium's largest police department. 



Nino was the first European police instructor to travel to the RAAF and to teach the implementation of his training unique system to both law enforcement and the military including the Special Air Service Regiment and the Second Commando Regiment.

Career Highlights




First Certified Police Dog, Enzo.


Achieved Certfication as Mondio Ring Decoy.


Appointed Representative for the Police Academy and the Province of Antwerp at Belgium's Police Teaching Committee (Pedagogic Comité).


Attained Certification as a Specialist and Instructor in Violence Control without a Firearm.


Attained National Certification as a Police K9 Instructor with Honors. 


Promoted to Team Leader of the Antwerp Police Department K9 Unit. 

Finalist at the NVBK Belgian Ring Championship.


Second Certified Police Dog, Cody.


Liaison between New York Police and Antwerp Police Department for Collaborative Projects. 

Certified Police Dog, Rocky. 

First European Law Enforcement Instructor to Train Special Forces at the Royal Australian Air Force. 

Founded STSK9

Commissioned to New York, USA, for Dynamic Explosive Dogs Assessment for Department.


Transitioned from the Police to Operating STSK9 Full Time

World Training Tour covering Canada, Brazil, Australia, United Emirates, Holland, United States, Spain, and Belgium (2017-2019).

Established STSK9 Online University.

Collaboration with Professor Marc Disebishopp to develop the Talent Scan for dogs & handlers and the Master View Path. 


Launched the Masters View Path Certification Program.


Keynote Speaker at the International Association for Canine Professionals on talent development for handlers and dogs.

2022 - 2024

US Training Tour 

Dog Sport


Nino is also an avid dog sport enthusiast and has competed in Belgian Ring. His unique training system creates the best foundation for both handler and canine, to excel in any discipline. 


A  proud father and husband, when not training, innovating or teaching, Nino enjoys spending time with his family.

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