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Consider These Three Things!

Aug 18, 2023


If you get yourself a new dog or puppy here are three things you want to avoid.

  1. Do not feed from that food bowl. Feed from your hand. You want to teach that dog or puppy how to move, and how to communicate with you. Your first communication will be through movement. Putting the food bowl down, and then asking your puppy to focus on you and wait to be released to eat at you is not working for food. 
  2. Do not use the ball to teach. At this stage, you're going to use this to play, to build drive, and to build energy because you need that energy, but not right now to teach. Right now you want to build intensity and energy that you can use in your training.
  3. Don’t over-train your puppy. People think I train for hours and hours to do the stuff I do in my videos. No, absolutely not, just two times in five minutes because, you know what? It's not about how much you do; it's about the quality of work you put in and the technique you put in. In those 5 minutes, if you put in good work, wow, you’re going to kill it. I promise you. 

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