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My Journey in Social Media

Aug 10, 2023

My Instagram channel, just grew to 200,000 followers and my Facebook page, is very close to that, I want to share with you how and why it all started. I was a police K9 officer, police K9 handler, and instructor, and social media is what changed the whole trajectory of my life.

Fifteen years ago, I was one of the few people that you would see running around
with a camera, a handheld camera, not a phone because they didn't have any cameras on your phone then.  I always had it with me because I wanted to capture the training that I was doing. I was so obsessed with dog training that I wanted to see what I did or what I saw so I could remember it, that's how I got into filming my work.

After I finished my shift at my police job, I would take my police dog and do a quick 60-second routine. I shared one of these videos on Facebook and it went viral with nearly 50,000 shares. Back then this was a lot. Millions of people saw it. My profile was flooded with thousands of friendship requests from people from all over the world asking me, how It trained and if I could teach them.

I was really surprised, all I could think was that it was not even my specialty, because what I specialized in was police training, tactical training, and apprehensions. So I had a lot of apprehensions back in the day. And of course, there are always a few haters, if you're on social media, you have to understand this, some people do not like your content, and people think it's all circus, and unnecessary. But to me, it had a lot of purpose.

For me, extracting a dog's potential was important. My dog was not just a police dog, he was also a competition dog and a demo dog. He was so much more, and it was so phenomenal to share that kind of stuff. 

Not many people on social media knew I was in the police, so I avoided promoting that and my channel became about training. I just did what I loved, I never thought about anything, not about likes, not about followers and you just live that passion and you give value by showing people what is possible based on a skill that you have earned over the years. 

Social media shouldn't be about seeking notoriety. It should be about sharing skills and knowledge with others. I love to inspire people and show them what is possible and create and share my craft with those who are interested.  I'm a teacher. I will coach anyone who wants to learn.