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Quit Demanding Eye Contact: Here’s Why

May 24, 2024


Yep, you heard that right. Getting your dog to "look at you" is not achieving what you think. In fact, we believe that traditional dog training has it quite wrong. Demanding eye contact is actually causing the opposite of what you are being told to seek. Stop creating disengagement and frustration, and start putting your dog's primal instincts to use.

Tapping into Your Dog's Natural Drive

Dogs are hard-wired to be predators, driven by the thrill of the chase. When you dangle a toy or treat, their eyes naturally lock onto that tantalizing object. Their entire being is consumed with the desire to pursue it.

By demanding constant eye contact, you're denying your dog's most primal instincts. You're telling them to suppress that natural predatory energy and focus solely on you instead. Is it any wonder they become frustrated, distracted, and disengaged?

The key is to harness that intense drive, not fight against it. Let your dog watch the toy or treat - that's what ignites their passion and energy. Then use that laser-focused state to build an connection through the two things that still have their attention: your voice and movement.

The Power of Synchronization 

By aligning your dogs movements to your skilled flow, you can create a seamless  synchronization. This harmony builds a comfort, purpose, and joy, making training a pleasurable experience for your dog. Your dog learns this sync with your body language and energy, rendering opportunity to communicate very clearly to train and confirm verbal commands. 

Auditory Connection

Even when your dog's eyes are glued to a toy, their ears are tuned to your commands. You become the enabler, the gateway to the thrilling game they crave. When you tap into that predatory obsession and pair it with your cues, you create an unbreakable bond of desire and trust.

Suddenly your dog isn't just obeying mindlessly, they're actively working with you to achieve a mutually desired goal. The two of you become partners united in the joyful dance of chase, capture, and reward.

Finding Flow Through Fun

By allowing your dog's natural drives to flourish while guiding them with your voice or movement, you open up a world of energetic flow. Commands and sync aren't chores but opportunities for excitement. You tap into the true essence of your dog's being and they remain eagerly engaged.

The result? Rapid response times, seamless environmental interaction, and a visible vibrance that can only come from a dog having the time of its life. You'll forge a partnership stronger than any amount of forced eye contact could ever achieve.

So don't fight your dog's instincts - embrace them. Let them chase their dreams while you become the partner who makes it all possible through your words. That is the path to creating an amazing connection and unlocking your dog's fullest potential.


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