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Rocky's Son

Jul 28, 2023

We are now caring for a five-day-old puppy in our home. Rocky’s last litter was born on the 21st of July just a few weeks after he passed away. 

We were expecting a small litter of 4 puppies, but only one puppy was born. A single male puppy. 

The mother had a lot of anxiety and was constantly carrying that puppy to keep it with her all the time. This behavior caused two punctures in the little puppy's chest on the side, and they

The puppy was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery to have his wounds stitched up. Unfortunately, It was determined that the puppy needed to recover away from the mother, that it was too risky with her current state and behavior. 

The puppy is now here in our home under our care. We bottle-feed him every few hours just like a baby. We have him set up in an incubator and one of us is always on watch to ensure he is safe and cared for.

He seems like a strong puppy like his father. We will do everything in our power to help him and hope to see him heal and grow stronger.  We will keep you updated on his status.