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6x World Champion Advice

Mar 14, 2024

In an era teeming with distractions, where genuine connections are increasingly rare, the relationship between humans and their dogs stands as a testament to authenticity. Recently, Nino had the opportunity to host an MVP coaching call with Mario Verslype, an esteemed figure in dog training, who boasts six World Champion titles in IGP. This engaging conversation brought to light invaluable training strategies, visions for long-term training goals, and the nuanced art of connecting with our canine companions.

Central to their discussion was a pivotal realization: many individuals face challenges in establishing meaningful bonds with their dogs. It became clear that connecting with a dog isn't just about companionship; it requires a comprehensive approach that encompasses all aspects of life and interaction. Mario and Nino concurred on the critical importance of being intentional in every facet of their interaction, from incorporating the handler's personality into shared activities to defining the aspirations they hold for their dogs.

Mario shared insights into the profound impact of tranquil walks in peaceful environments, highlighting these moments as golden opportunities for both training and strengthening the bond between handler and dog.

Their conversation was rich with insightful training advice, innovative planning, and visionary thinking, underscoring the depth of connection that is possible when we engage with our dogs with intention and understanding.


** MVP's For access to the full conversation, filled with training gems and insights, visit the MVP coaching call library. This resource is a treasure trove for anyone looking to enhance their connection and training with their dogs, offering a wealth of knowledge and experience from leaders in the field.