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One Million Views No Joke!

Jun 24, 2023

Last week I posted a video of one of my students showing an impressive ‘Matrix Style’ contact lean. In my opinion, it was phenomenal. It quickly received over one million views on social media. Some viewers thought it was kind of funny. They were amused because they didn’t see a purpose and failed to realize that this exercise is based on one of the fundamental principles I teach in my dog training method: synchronizing with your dog.

Synchronization is not just about playing with some fun ‘Matrix’ moves it's actually beneficial for you to align with your dog in functional and deeper ways. Like the example, I use in my video (above). The dog is in sync and both the dog and handler can enjoy a casual walk.

Traditional training methods have placed way too much value on commanding obedience in dogs- demanding behaviors, using compulsion, or bribing compliance with our wishes.

Synchronization is a cornerstone of my dog training method. It connects the dog to the handler and delivers far better results all while keeping the dog’s integrity intact, and delivering comfort, purpose, and joy.

When your dog is in sync with you, they rely on your body language, feel your energy, and seek symmetry, rendering commands unnecessary. Dogs find comfort and purpose in this connection, leading to a stronger bond and greater freedom.

It's no joke. Synchronization builds an incredible bond and provides freedom for both the handler and the dog. It builds a harmonious relationship that fosters mutual trust and respect. Who wouldn't want that?