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Talent Vs. Competency: Freeing Your Potential in Dog Training

Dec 09, 2023

In the world of dog training, the battle between innate talent and hard-won competency is more than just talk. It's the critical edge that shapes a trainer's approach and their real-world success. Let's dive into this gritty dynamic and how it transforms a trainer’s journey.

Talent: The Instinctive Edge

Some trainers have an instinctive edge. They possess an a natural aptitude to absorb and apply complex training techniques with ease, often making challenging tasks appear effortless.

Defining Talent

 A combination of skills that you can access simultaneously, so you can do things better, faster, more efficiently with less energy drain to achieve a better outcome than anyone else.

Competency: The Power of Grit

Competency is carved out from relentless practice and study. But what does it mean to be competent? Over time, you might reach the same heights as the naturally talented. The catch? It could take more sweat, more repetitions, and way more energy, but the end game can be just as strong, perhaps even stronger.

The Real Differentiator

The speed at which new skills are learned and adapted is what really sets apart competency from talent.So the speed of learning and the adaption, of of new skills is the biggest differentiator between competency and talent.

Freedom to Soar and Innovate

Grasping the nuances of talent and competency isn't just about self-improvement. It's the core ingredient for unleashing advanced training techniques that elevate both trainers and their canine partners. This blend of talent and hard-earned skill is the magic in dog training – it’s what provides the freedom for hitting peak potential in your abilities.

That's precisely why I've mapped out a blueprint of diverse skills, enabling students to start merging talents. By focusing on what’s needed to cultivate talent, you can tap into your innate abilities sooner and unleash your full potential in this thrilling craft.

STSK9’s Approach To Talent Development

The STSK9 Master View Path™, created in collaboration with talent assessment expert Dr. Marc Debisschop, incorporates a unique evaluation technique for both dogs and their handlers. This comprehensive system is designed to optimize the blend of innate and acquired skills, significantly enriching the training experience for both the canine participants and their trainers.