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Top Reasons STSK9 Online Dog Training Works

May 26, 2023

Experience has taught us hands-on is not always the best way forward given the massive advantages of digital learning. We prefer hands-on when there is a foundation established so we can focus on growth areas when meeting in person. 

Here are a few reasons why our online dog training programs work so well;

  1. In-depth content students need. High-quality, cutting-edge recordings. We use 100fps cameras to capture and display techniques. Our slow-motion effects reveal incredible details that the naked eye cannot see during live sessions. No omission. There is never anything missed by an instructor or limited due to time restrictions. Digestible content. Our classes are not your average online textbook. Lessons are value & action-packed and easy to engage with.Improved breakdown. Our programs cover every step of talent management for both handlers and dogs.  
  2. Convenience. There's no need to travel, relocate, or quit your job when taking our classes. A program like the MVP requires months of on-site learning and information digestion. Our classes can be accessed on mobile or desktop from anywhere in the world.
  3. Equitable access. Access to quality information should be available to everyone. We can share knowledge globally without borders restricting the advancement of your skills.
  4. Lower cost. In-depth programs like the MVP would be far out of reach for most student learning in person.
  5. No time limits. Students can learn at their own pace without any disadvantages. Faster students are not held back, and those who need more time are not pressured.
  6. Open access. Students have the opportunity to move throughout the class and learn what they want. They can rewatch and return to key modules as often as needed. Even our graduates revisit and refresh their learning.
  7. In-depth learning. Our students enter the profession with confidence.
  8. Continuous learning opportunities. Our online programs are regularly updated and expanded with new content and instruction.
  9. Improved results overall. With experience teaching thousands of students both in person and online, we can confidently state that our master class students have achieved higher success rates than students who received 500 hours of in-person instruction.
  10. Global community. Our students connect, support, share, and contribute to our community. 
  11. Best preparation. Our classes develop analytical trainers who are able to tackle challenges often before they occur.