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Why you shouldn't be part of yor dog's out

Oct 20, 2023

Here is a really powerful statement that I'm going to make. If you are ever going to attempt an out, which you should at some point, because if your dog is really into his game, he's loving it. He's enjoying what you do, but then obviously you're going to create a connection, because if he's loving what you do and you're part of it, you're in the equation of what he loves. He's going to share that with you.

There's only one 'but,' and that is if you want to take that away from him. That's where a lot of people destroy relationships, and they'll create this distrut of the dog and really go south. And that is because if you find yourself taking away from the dog, if he thinks that you are stopping him, you're not what he wants. He's like seeing you as a problem instead of someone who facilitates him and gets more and more, because if the predator sees you as you're always giving and giving and giving. He's going to accept that, and he's going to actually give something in return. We all see the dog that you push away, and he's coming back; he wants to hang out with you. So, and the pinnacle of that is if the dog also wants to out without any hesitation and then, really, look at it and he knows he's going to get it back. But of course, you have to start with this at some point. So at some point, you want to unlock his jaws from what you taught him that was so good to do and to hang out with you and just play that game. And here is where you have to make sure you don't get into the correction stuff, where you're physically putting an action on the dog that he knows that is you. I mean, undoubtedly, you are pulling that leash; undoubtedly, you might be the one that is trying to choke him off of this thing. And here is where a lot of people make a big mistake because their results, if they had a result doing this, isn't necessarily the best, most efficient, and recommendable results that you want to have for people that are going to start doing this, Okay.

It's not because you had success that this is the most efficient way and the best way to go about it, we all know if you choke the dog he's going to out because he needs to breathe. But you don't want a dog that thinks you are going to be part of this problem. Trust me on this, you  dog that believes you are going to add more to the equation. So that's why you can never be a physical part of your dog's out.

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